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Started in 1978 in Sunnyvale Ca. by Arthur J. Frengel, we manufacture custom parts to High-Tech Industries such as Wafer Fab, Robotics, and Medical Equipment.

Over the past 25 years we have developed a better understanding of our responsibilities as Manufacturer and Employer.

We have formally adopted "Guidelines for Good Stewardship" that are based on the needs of our Employees, Community, and the Environment. These guidelines were drafted, "without consideration to the costs of implementation", and, "are based solely on Principals and Ethics that protect those needs".


  • We believe that our employees have a right to A Living Wage and Quality Health Care, and, even as a small business, have an obligation to provide them.
  • Employees are also provided with on the Job Training to insure their Safety.

We maintain an extremely aggressive Environmental Policy that includes;

  • the establishment of markets for 100% of our scrap materials;
  • a Take-Back Policy with our customers where they can return, any product or packaging that we have shipped to them to insure the proper recycling of that item;
  • Free Engineering Assistance that will help them to design Environmentally Friendly, Cost Effective Products.
  • Each employee works 4 (four), 10 hr shifts, thereby cutting commute costs by 20%..
  • Because we believe in supporting Recycle Markets, we purchase Packaging and Office Products made from Recycled stock.

We maintain an extremely high performance record, understanding that; since most of our customers are selling to International Markets, the quality of our parts and service will allow them to be more competitive and thereby help strengthen the U.S. Economy.

Valley Plastics Mfg Inc., 968 Piner Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95404
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