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  The Valley Plastics website utilizes the latest technologies in enterprise-level web site design, on both the client and server side. Developed over the course of approximately six months,the goal of this project was to provide ongoing news, tools, and account information to existing VP customers, and to publicize the innovative business strategies that have propelled VP to where it is today.
There are two primary areas of functionality that complement the site's more static content. The first of the two areas is a full featured news posting system, which allows ongoing posting of news, links and job offerings on the site, organized in to several sections. This includes a full browser-based administration system, where authorized users may easily post new content from any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. The second of the two areas is a customer tools section, which is by far the more complex of the two. This area organizes up-to-date customer account information into a searchable, extensible, easily updated, SQL database format. This involves a sophisticated integration system with VP's in-house FileMaker 3.0 database. Also worth mentioning is a full member administration system which allows new companies and users to be added and assigned login credentials. The site combines ubiquitous VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for page design. This combination of technologies allows unfettered functionality in concert with a high-end graphic presentation. The back-end database is a Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, the fastest and most powerful database system for the web. This site utilizes the DTS (Data Transformation Services) available in SQL to allow ongoing integration with the otherwise incompatible VP flat-file database system. Although the site is optimized for MS Internet Explorer 5.0, it is fully compatible with Netscape and older browsers. Emphasis was placed on creating a highly graphical interface feel, without creating unreasonable file size overhead. The site is hosted at a facility in San Francisco, which features a devoted T3 Internet connection. My name is Ryan Cooper, and I am an independent web site designer and programmer. Although I am affiliated with several design firms, the Valley Plastics web site project is a solo endeavor, which is performed on a contract basis. I performed all interface and graphic design, as well as site-wide information architecture and database integration. I have a rich background in Graphic Design, Print Design, Photography, and Web Site Production. I am certified by BrainBench in HTML Programming, Photoshop 5.5, Dreamweaver 3.0, and I have a Master Level Certification in Flash 4.0, the web's most powerful multimedia content design program. I am currently employed as the chief multimedia developer for a pre-launch B2B "Click and Mortar" e-commerce web site (, which implements these same technologies for highly complex shopping, content management, and user management systems, supporting perhaps the most convoluted set of business rules ever devised by any industry. I perform work for other businesses on an independent contractor basis. You may contact me via email at to arrange a telephone conversation if you are interested in learning more about my services. A portfolio of web sites I have designed and deployed may be viewed at: I look forward to speaking with you to discuss your specific needs and formulate a proposal that suits your vision and budget.

Regards, Ryan Cooper

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