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  Below is a brief overview of each positionís job responsibilities, and the current employee assigned to each major position. To contact a member of the team, please use our online contact form.

President / CEO

Art Frengel- All legal correspondence,† Asset management,† Creates policy


Renee Frengel- Receivable / Payables,† P/L reports, Cash Flow maintenance,† Payroll

Operations Manager

Art Frengel- Is responsible for all aspects of Manufacturing, including; Quotations, Customer communications, Scheduling , Personnel.

Fabrication Supervisor

David Damico- Supervision and maintenence of Fabrication Department and associated personnel.

Machining Supervisor

Rick Mahan-Supervision and maintenence of Machining Department and associated personnel.


Art Frengel- Creates marketing plan, Customer liaison.

QA Manager

John Cardone- Maintains all quality related procedures, Calibration and record keeping of all inspection equipment.

Safety Director

Art Frengel- All related safety programs, Record keeping as required by OSHA.


Art Frengel- Vendor qualifications, Job related materials, Consumable supplies, Subcontracting, Expediting


Rich Martinelli- Safe and timely delivery of product,† Maintain customer packaging standards, Storage and inventory of completed goods, All support UPS and carrier activity.


Rich Martinelli- Inspection, Count, Disposition of all incoming materials, Stock rack maintenance, Receiving documentation accuracy and trafficking.

Facilities Manager

Art Frengel- Repair and maintenance of all existing equipment, Installation of new equipment, Record keeping.



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