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While supporting principals of Corporate Social Responsibility, we will have a positive effect on the Environment and our Community through the successful and continued operation of our Company.

Recognizing that the Plastics Industry will continue to have a major effect on the quality of our future, we find ourselves with both an opportunity and an obligation to contribute our expertise and values in a way that will have the greatest positive impact. Our commitment to Employee and Environmental safety must never be compromised. Likewise, we must also maintain an equally strong commitment to the quality of our products and services.

The following guidelines will assist us in reaching these goals.

There are (5) specific areas that we must concern ourselves with when attempting to define the "responsible" operation of our business. They are:

1) Employee Welfare

a] Benefits
b] Training
c] Fair employment / anti discrimination
d] Job Safety
e] Working environment

2) Community Service

a] Charity
b] Visibility
c] Involvement

3) Environmental Activities

a] Waste Generation / Recycling
b] Source Reduction / Consumption
c] Internal Processes
d] Local / Global

4) Commercial Activities

a] Quality
b] Commitment
c] Service

5) Ethical Behaviors

a] Corporate Practice
b] Honesty / Integrity
c] Profits / People

1) Benefits

It is the policy of this company that benefits be offered to all of its full-time employees. Benefits are to include: Medical Coverage, Vacations and Holiday pay, a 4 day work schedule, Retirement Plan, Educational Funding, Excused time for Family.

The purpose of supplying these benefits is to,

A) protect the health and well-being of the employee and their families,
B) to enhance their quality of life,
C) to encourage long term employment.

2) Job Training

It is our intention that all employees be trained according to their abilities. Within the scope of available work, All employees will be allowed to advance at their own pace with no restrictions other than their own performance ability. We may also streamline and focus training to suit the combined temporary needs of both Company and Employee in situations where a "long term" commitment is not expected.

3) Fair Employment/ Equal Opportunity

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and will abide by all of the laws governing such issues. While on the job, All Employees are likewise expected to abide by these same rules and are not to discriminate. It is our belief that, Employees should expect their fellow workers to reflect the same attitudes as the Company. People should be treated with dignity and respect.

4) Safety

We will never sacrifice the reasonable safety of an Employee to increase productivity. We will never force an Employee to perform a task that he or she feels is beyond their ability to do safely. For individual safety as well as the safety of others, Employees are required to follow all safety requirements and observe all safety precautions while in the shop.

5) Working Environment

We work in a "Manufacturing Environment" and therefore must make an extra effort towards keeping it safe and tolerable. A clean, safe workplace is everyone's right. The Company is committed to this effort for the benefit of all employees.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the Valley Plastics buildings.

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1) Charitable Support

It is important that we not forget the needs of our local community. We will identify and donate to organizations or groups worthy of our support .

2) Visibility

It is important to maintain a pleasant appearance in our neighborhood. Parking lots, dumpster areas and outside landscaping should be kept clean. Company vehicles should be in good condition. Our presence should be an asset, not a detriment.

3) Involvement

We will have representatives from our company actively involved in groups that help shape our community. Take active roles in Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturing Groups or Local Committees. Become an essential part of our city's evolution. Be a positive force.

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1) Recycling

A) We will recycle our scrap regardless of the expense to us. It should be understood that, "It is our responsibility to see that we minimize waste and that this material does not end up in the land fill."
B) We will implement a "Take-Back" policy with our customers, whereby, they can return any product that we manufacture or it's packaging (provided that it is not contaminated) so that it can be re-used or recycled properly.
C) We will manufacture products made from recyclable materials. So as to not create a hardship for our customers, we will provide them, free of charge, engineering assistance, technical information, and, proto-type parts made from alternative, more "environmentally friendly" materials for their testing requirements. We will also commit time and funds for research into alternative uses of scrap materials.

Additionally, we will implement programs and provide receptacles for the recycling of the following items. Aluminum, Steel, Glass, Tin, Cardboard, Newsprint, Office Paper, Magazines, Rags, Oil, Lumber, Water, Paints, Lights, Used Equipment, Pallets, Construction Materials.

* For a complete list see " Material Recycling Programs"

2) Source Reduction/ Consumption

We will make every attempt to;

A) Purchase all consumables from local sources. (reducing the use of fossil fuels required for delivery.)
B) Purchase consumables made from recycled materials. (Reducing the impact on natural resources and supporting recycling industries.)
C) Use suppliers that have "Environmental" policies, and, avoid those that do not.
( increasing the frequency and impact of CSR)
D) Repair "old" or purchase "used" equipment . (conserve natural resources)

3) Internal Manufacturing Processes

A) Utilize "closed-loop" cooling systems.
B) Use water-soluble oils and coolants
C) Minimize "Noise" pollution
D) Provide air recovery systems for "internal" Air Quality Management.

4) Local / Global

A) Be a source of information to local needs with regards to Plastics.

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1) Quality

We have an obligation to maintain a high level of quality in our products and services. Beginning with the materials that we use right through to the way our parts are packaged. They should represent the best in our industry. Through our products comes, our reputation, the hope for continued success, and a greater sense of pride in ourselves and our company.

2) Commitment

Do what we say, and do it on time. Never promise something that we knowingly can not deliver. Commitment should never be taken lightly. Our customer's reputation is based partially on our ability to deliver.

3) Service

Make available to our customers the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years. Help to direct them towards better and more cost effective ways to produce their parts. This is an opportunity for us to have a positive impact on our environment by reducing waste through environmentally efficient engineering.

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1) Corporate Practice

We are to be selective about the industries we serve and will refuse to take work from those that fail to meet our ethical criteria.

We will not manufacture parts for the Nuclear or Weapons Industry.

We will not give kickbacks or any other form of incentives to buyers in exchange for contracts. We shall maintain a professional relationship based on the quality of our products and services.

2) Honesty and Integrity

Be honest in our business practices and fair in our pricing.

Do not misdirect customers by supplying them with false or misleading information. Think in the "long term". Do not look for, "quick rewards."

Do not speak negatively about the competition.

3) Profits Vs. People

It is important that we always consider the short and long term effects that our actions will have on individuals, and, never let the promise of greater profits cloud our better judgment.

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