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Simply put, Zero-Waste manufacturing means that we run our company with complete and total regard to our use of resources. Everything from Electricity to Materials, Packaging to Paperclips. Even Paperclips!
If we consume it, someone on our staff has done an environmental analysis on our usage and has determined the most efficient way of using the product.

Through this process our customers gain beneficial feedback about product design, tooling lay-outs and other key components involved with the manufacture of their products. In most cases this leads to reduced pricing overall. Since we are concerned with all aspects of consumption and waste, we also are required to maintain a sophisticated QA System. Our QA System has reduced our internal rejection rate to less than 2%. After all, rejections, whether internal or external mean the entire process needs to be repeated to achieve the same goal.

Employees need to come to work.
Energy must be consumed.
Materials must be utilized.

In our philosophy, rejections are a huge waste. So we avoid them. The result is that, not only do we produce a quality product, but we also hit our delivery dates because our valuable production time is not consumed by the need to rework parts.

Our remarkable performance rating of 99% + is a direct result of our Zero-Waste policy.




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